GRID Ltd. sell industrial and automotive lubricants and greases mostly “Made in Germany” and keep products on stock from almost all famous German made lubricant brands. Our warehouses operate and serve any kind of clients without minimum order quantity limit, so you can order from just one 1L bottle of lubricant up to standard 20t truck load or several 40’/FCL.

We do trade products made by following brands: Addinol, Agip, Alpine, Amsoil, Aral, Avia, Azmol, Bizol, BMW, BP, Bradol, Brugarolas, Carlube, Castrol, Cepsa, Champion, Chevron, Cyclon, Divinol, Dynamic, Eldons, Elf, Eneos, ERG, Esso, Eurol, Eurolub Fina, Finke, Ford, Fosser, Fuchs, GM, GS oil, Gulf, Hexol, Hilber, Igol, Insa, IP Italiana, Petroli, JB German oil, Krafft, Kroon Oil, Kuttenkeuler, Liqui Moly, Lotos, Lubrica, Lucas, Lukoil, Luxoil, Mabanol, Mannol, Maxx Power, Maxxus, Mazda, Meguin, Mercedes, Midland, Mitsubishi, Mobil, MOL, Molyduval, Molykote, Morris, Motor Gold, Motorex, Motul, Neste OKS, Oest, OILTECH, OMV, Pemco, Pentosin, Petro Canada, Petrol, Petronas, Plama, Polytron, Prista, Profi-Tech, Q8 Oils, QMI, Ravenol, Red Line, Repsol, Reynolds Motor, Rock Oil, Rompetrol, Rowe, RS 200, SCT, Selenia, SHARK, Shell, Skania Oil, SRS, Starline, Statoil, Sunoco, Suzuki, Texaco, THK, Total, Triple QX, Unil, Urania, Urania, Valco, Valvoline, Verila, Verkol, Voltronic, Wolf, Xado, Yacco, Zoil, ВАМП, ЕКО, 77 Lubricants and etc.

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