Our main business is Import Export Trade of automotive and industrial oils, products, goods and others. We are a licensed [ф.д. 11 ВТОС / 08.01.2004 in BG court] Bulgarian EU trader that can handle the entire import export trade process for any eligible products between the European Union and World Wide. GRID Lrd. is an private trade company primarily focused on import export business with lubricant products in Bulgaria, East Europe and World Wide.

We trade the following products: Addinol, Agip, Alpine, Amsoil, Aral, Avia, Azmol, Bizol, BMW, BP, Bradol, Brugarolas, Carlube, Castrol, Cepsa, Champion, Chevron, Cyclon, Divinol, Dynamic, Eldons, Elf, Eneos, ERG, Esso, Eurol, Eurolub Fina, Finke, Ford, Fosser, Fuchs, GM, GS oil, Gulf, Hexol, Hilber, Igol, Insa, IP Italiana, Petroli, JB German oil, Krafft, Kroon Oil, Kuttenkeuler, Liqui Moly, Lotos, Lubrica, Lucas, Lukoil, Luxoil, Mabanol, Mannol, Maxx Power, Maxxus, Mazda, Meguin, Mercedes, Midland, Mitsubishi, Mobil, MOL, Molyduval, Molykote, Morris, Motor Gold, Motorex, Motul, Neste OKS, Oest, OILTECH, OMV, Pemco, Pentosin, Petro Canada, Petrol, Petronas, Plama, Polytron, Prista, Profi-Tech, Q8 Oils, QMI, Red Line, Repsol, Reynolds Motor, Rock Oil, Rompetrol, Rowe, RS 200, SCT, Selenia, SHARK, Shell, Skania Oil, SRS, Starline, Statoil, Sunoco, Suzuki, Texaco, THK, Total, Triple QX, Unil, Urania, Urania, Valco, Valvoline, Verila, Verkol, Voltronic, Wolf, Xado, Yacco, Zoil, ВАМП, ЕКО, 77 Lubricants

We are experienced

We work with a network of over 50 consultants, lubricant traders, lubricants specialists across the world. All are specialists in their respective fields, all are aware of the area in which they operate. GRID ltd. is a team who operating in East European market environment area and successfully provided to all customers the best service. We are experienced and dependable when it comes to trade lubricant products. Take advantage and profitably trade with us!


  • We are long time in lubricant business
  • We can offer you special prices
  • Always can find profitably solution for you
  • We can give you minimum three options
  • We can trace and find exact what you need
  • We can professionally support your business
  • We can tell you more, if you contact with us

We are experts

We importing and exporting automotive and industrial lubricants World Wide and we are experts especially in East Europe, but not only EU market. GRID Ltd. has been a part of the importation of automotive and industrial lubricants since 2004 and we have good reputation confirmed by our customers and suppliers. We can provide reference to show status of our trade relations. We are experts because:

  • We learn everydayoffice
  • We listen our customers
  • We know all level of local business
  • We know “how” East market work
  • We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes
  • We have full range of services
  • We can help you
  • We can tell you more, if you contact with us

We are friendly

Our friendly and knowledgeable team of lubricants trade specialists will save you time, money and hassle. Do not hesitate to contact us with your demand or business equerry


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